At David Lancashire Design our primary aim is to produce work that is distinguished by its care, accuracy, clarity and design excellence.

We explore opportunities for innovation, while ensuring our solutions are practical, functional and economical.

The range of materials, techniques and technologies we use is extensive, and we enjoy experimenting with finishes, colours and textures in order to achieve results that are different and distinctive.


With our experience, resources and affiliations we can handle projects that are challenging, diverse and large-scale, and we take pride in our ability to complete major projects on time and within budget.

The extensive range of projects we undertake provides us with a broad knowledge base that underpins our response to any client requirement.

It also sparks a creative tension that fosters internal debate about design issues, subjecting graphic conventions to continual challenge and allowing fresh ideas to flourish.

The vibrancy that characterises our approach to design is fuelled by a passion for the fundamentals of our craft.